Stocking stuffer alert!

Hark!  I present to you the little tool (actually TOOLS, plural) I never knew I needed, but now I’ll be keeping several on hand both for myself and for gifts.  Drum roll please… it’s the RNX 5 in 1 Multifunctional Tactical Camping Paracord Survival Bracelet.


Are you looking for a small item to attach to a gift or put in a stocking?  This is one that packs a multi-functional punch.  It’s a must have survival tool for any outdoor enthusiast, the preppers in your life (we all know one or two), and even as part of a little survival kit to keep in your car.  I have to say it looks pretty cool on the gear shift or the rear view mirror, not to mention wearing it like wrist watch or key chain.  Even your less adventurous friends and family (you know, the people who want to think they are outdoorsy because they wear a North Face jacket and trail running shoes around town) can look the part even more with this tool that doubles as an accessory!

Everyone on your shopping list will appreciate this survival tool, especially in 2020 when we are all just trying to figure out what we really need to survive.  At this price, I plan to order a bunch and decide later who gets them (me included).  And don’t worry about duplicating - these are small and can be kept in multiple places, so having several is fine!  Keep one in your car kit (I keep an emergency bag in my car with all sorts of stuff in it and you should too), one in a junk drawer, and definitely one in your hiking and camping backpacks.  Side note… here’s a quick checklist of stuff (and more gift ideas too) to keep in your hiking backpack.

Okay, as I said, it’s 2020, so you may already have canned goods, flash lights, toilet paper (if you’re lucky) and perhaps even a generator in your survival arsenal.  But this tool is small enough to easily add to your existing gear, and it’s priced right for that too at only $7.88!  To break it down, here is what you get in this tool:

  • Whistle – use it to call for help or scare away someone or something (in the woods or in a Wal-Mart parking lot)
  • Compass – useful in case you lose your bearings when out hiking or camping
  • Flint rod – used to help start a fire
  • Striker – use it as a small saw or a fire strikers. It can also be helpful in breaking down Amazon boxes (not that I have any, that my husband knows about at least)
  • Paracord – has tons of uses including shoelace replacement, creating splints and tourniquets, fishing lines, camping lines (used to erect a shelter if need be), or used to tie just about anything

Now go get one for yourself, get one for a friend, or both!  This is one time where it won’t blow your budget to go with the “one for them, one for me” shopping strategy.  And it’s not too late to order some to stuff in a stocking (or four).  Happy holidays (and merry shopping) to you!

 5 in 1 RNX Multifunctional Tactical Camping Paracord Survival Bracelet


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