I have a little advice for you today, advice that is especially important in times like these:  Always be ready to get outside on a nice day, even in the dead of winter!  It’s good for you physically and mentally, and can be a natural mood booster!

I know it’s not easy to plan for spring when we have just officially entered winter a few short (or long, depending on how you look at it) weeks ago.  However, please hear me out, there are possibilities, people!  We have even had 70 degrees on Christmas Day here in Georgia before, so I like to think anything is possible weather-wise between the official beginning and end of winter.  And I got married in an outdoor ceremony in March (many years ago), the weather was perfect that day.  The very next weekend was cold and rainy.  Weather in Georgia is just weird like that, and maybe it is in your neck of the woods too!

What I’m really trying to say here is, how nice would it be, as the first few warm days peek out (albeit sporadically at first) from behind the grays of winter, to be prepared with something fun and comfy to help you enjoy the great outdoors?  You never know when you’ll get lucky with the weather!  And of course you can easily just lace up your shoes for a walk, run or hike.  And you should certainly do that, it’s good for you!  But how about after that trek, you continue enjoying the outside air by sinking yourself deep into a relaxing respite in a comfy hammock. 

You don’t have a hammock?  Or room in your yard for a hammock frame/stand/hanger or whatever you call it?  No problem.  All you need is a couple of trees (in your yard, at a park, or on a campground) and Rugged Nation’s RNX Portable Double Hammock.  It comes with the easy to install hanging straps - no tools needed.  Even if you’re NOT a camper, you CAN still enjoy a camping hammock.  My kids take these hammocks into our backyard for the afternoon with a book, their iPad and a bag of snacks.  And when they are done, I’ll grab a book and enjoy one of their hammocks while it’s still up.  These things are definitely strong enough to hold a heavy adult (actually TWO heavy adults, max weight is 660lbs), which I now am since I’ve been quarantine snacking for months now.

Let’s say you are, in fact, a camper.  Well then you are probably already familiar with this type of hammock and you may even own a similar product (which you can use with the RNX hammock straps that come with the double hammock but can also be purchased separately).  What’s different about this one from some of the big name brands you see at REI and the like?  Well, not much actually, and that’s a good thing!  I have found it to be just as high quality, durable, easy to install, and comfortable as the first camping hammock I purchased (which, by the way, I paid more than THREE times the price for).  So when I decided to order a few more so that each person in my family could have one, I got the  RNX hammocks.  At this price point, I have zero heartburn over buying several more of them.  Come to think of it, I have twin godsons as well as a couple of nieces with birthdays coming up.  $30 is the perfect price point for these gifts!

Lastly, if I’ve not yet convinced you to be ready to be outside (and to do so very comfortably), then think about getting outside for more Vitamin D!  I do NOT write about much in the news (I have my reasons), but I KNOW you have seen the articles, news stories on TV, or at least heard from your friends or family members how important it is to get plenty of vitamin D.  If you haven’t heard, then please google it, you need the D!  And the easiest way to get it is to get outside for at least a little bit each day.  So grab a hammock and a sunny afternoon (or lunch break, since I know many of you are still working and schooling from home these days) and GO OUTSIDE!!!

RNX Portable Double Hammock

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