Portable Water Filtration Straw

Portable Water Filtration Straw

Water Filtration

This is a compact water filtration straw that allows you to turn nearly any water source into drinking water. This filtration straw has coconut activated Carbon and Nano Silver antibacterial particles that filter out impurities from the water. It can remove all visible solid sediments, reduce 99.99% of harmful substances, and improve the odor ensuring the safest water in the worst environments. You can use directly from a stream, lake or other water source, or you can fill your water bottle and attach the filter to start sipping. This filtration straw BPA free and meets all USA EPA drinking water standards. You'll find it ideal for Recreation, Hiking, Camping, Scouting, Fishing, Domestic and International travel, and Emergency preparedness. No matter what you're doing it ensures you will be prepared for your next adventure!

Item Specs

Length (inches): 8.25
Width (inches): 1.29
Height (inches): 1.29
Weight: 8oz

Additional Info
Brand: RNX

Material: Coconut activated carbon, Nano silver antibacterial particles