6 Mode Waterproof Rechargeable LED Flashlight

6 Mode Waterproof Rechargeable LED Flashlight


This is a 6-mode rechargeable LED flashlight that has an adjustable zoom for spot lighting and reveals a flood light. Crafted out of military grade aluminum alloy, its heavy-duty exterior makes it virtually indestructible. This flashlight is water resistant, built for rough handling and ready to take on any weather condition. It's handheld size and light weight make it a perfect every day carry tool. This flashlight comes with a 4500mAh 18650 rechargeable battery, a battery sleeve, a battery charger, and a 3 AAA battery adaptor. This flashlight has 6 modes high, medium, low, strobe, SOS, and Flood light. Easily light up an entire room or focus in on objects up to 1,000 feet away. This flashlight is an excellent option for your outdoor activities such as Camping, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, Cycling, Bicycles, Exploring, Night walking, Dog walking, and even taking the kids out trick-or-treating. No matter what you're doing it ensures you will be prepared for your next adventure!

Item Specs

Length (inches): 1.48
Width (inches): 0
Height (inches): 1.48
Weight: 11oz

Additional Info
Brand: RNX
Material:  Aluminum alloy