Aluminum Spring Loaded D Ring Screw Lock Carabiner

Aluminum Spring Loaded D Ring Screw Lock Carabiner


This is a gray spring-loaded D ring screw-lock carabiner, to only be used under light duty applications. These carabiners are made of aero grade aluminum alloy with a polished finish. WARNING break limit for static force is 150lbs. Can only be used for hanging light weight stuff. An excellent way to attach water bottles, sleeping bag bundles, hats, etc. to your backpack or belt loop. Not applicable for climbing, swings, hammocks, punching bags, or big dog leashes. Designed with fast and convenient connections, that can be easily attached. These carabiners are perfect for various occasions such as camping, fishing, hiking, traveling, keychains, backpacks and a lot more. DO NOT USE FOR CLIMBING

Item Specs

Length (inches): 3.75
Width (inches): 0.46
Height (inches): 2.25
Weight: 8oz

Additional Info
Brand: RNX
Material: Aluminum