3L Leak Proof Hydration Bladder

3L Leak Proof Hydration Bladder

Hydration Bladder

This leak proof water bladder is made from military grade PEVA material. It has a 3 liter water reservoir that keeps your water cool for up to 3 hours. This water bladder design is made to fit most Hydration backpacks and has an easy to use mouth piece. The water straw is padded and insulated to keep your water cool for as long as possible. This water bladder is ready to prove its place in your hydration pack and is suitable for all your back packing, hiking, camping, climbing, fishing, running, biking, travel or other outdoor activities. No matter what you're doing it ensures you will be prepared for your next adventure!

Item Specs

Length (inches): 18
Width (inches): 1.25
Height (inches): 7.75
Weight: 6oz

Additional Info
Brand: L&Q Tactical
Material: PEVA