Tactical Mini Multi Function Engineering Camping Shovel

Tactical Mini Multi Function Engineering Camping Shovel

Campfire Tool

This is a stainless steel multi-function folding and compact ultra-durable camping shovel. This multitool tactical spade is used for survival, adventure, camping, hiking, backpacking, hunting, fishing, and more. Made out high-carbon steel, this rugged camping and hiking shovel is a versatile camping tool that is strong enough for daily use with a comfortable yet firm sponge grip. This camping shovel won't let you down out on the trail and is a must have for outdoor enthusiasts. It includes a compass, water proof storage area, mini saw and sharp blade, cover with velcro straps, can opener, bottle opener, fishing line tool and rubber seal for the storage area.

Item Specs

Length (inches): 14
Width (inches): 5.5
Height (inches): 1.5
Weight: 8oz

Additional Info
Brand: RNX
Material: Carbon Steel, Aluminum