You will enjoy winding through, over and under natural rock formations along the stone path of Rock City. I was expecting this Lookout Mountain adventure to feel more "touristy", but instead we found the experience to be all about the natural beauty of the landscape (and we were fortunate to be there on a less busy day). Yes, there are gift shops, fudge shops, ice cream shops and a restaurant and bar at the top, but it's easy to see the creator's vision and the purpose of this natural wonderland.

Along the one-way path, you'll travel through rock caverns and see ancient rock formations, flowering gardens, the waterfall at Lover's Leap and, on a clear day, a view of 7 states. The kids really enjoyed the swinging bridge and rainbow row and we were in awe of the natural rock formations and the plaques which shared the history of this worthwhile stop on your Chattanooga To Do list.

While visiting Lookout Mountain, you can't miss the St. Elmo's Historic District and may want to grab lunch on the beautiful patio at 1855 Grill (try the chicken or crabcake sandwich!) or checkout (or grab takeout at) a popular locals' favorite, The Purple Daisy. If you'd like to see more of the town of Lookout Mountain and drive to the top, we also really like the patio at Cafe on the Corner. There really aren't any destinations (aside from the Incline Railway facility) at the top, but it's fun to see the beautiful homes. There are a few trailheads up there which offer some challenging hikes.

For an easier option to "See Rock City", see their FAQ's for their partial handicap accessibility which is also a good option for those who don't want to tackle the steep ups and downs of the main path. Strollers are not allowed on the main path in Rock City. Looking for more adventure? If you're an ambitious planner, you could see Rock City, ride the Lookout Mountain Incline Railway and visit Ruby Falls all in the same day.

Mushroom Rock at Rock City   Swinging Bridge to Lover's Leap at Rock City  Fat Man's Squeeze Rock City  Rock City Cavern
Rock City  Rock City
Swinging Bridge Rock City  Steps at Rock City
Rugged Nation at Rock City on St. Patrick's Day Week
Rock City Sign in St. Elmo's Historic District
1855 Grill St Elmos Historic District Chattanooga TN Rock City Lookout Mountain  1855 Grill St Elmos Historic District Chattanooga TN Lookout Mountain Rock City Railway Incline
The Purple Daisy St Elmos Historic District Chattanooga TN Lookout Mountain