If you're planning a trip to Arches National Park, enjoy off roading, or are simply drown to easy going small towns, then you'll eventually be heading to Moab, UT. Here's our Top 10 from our trip this Spring; the first 3 on the list are from Arches National Park - remember to get your timed entry tickets ahead of time.

  1. Delicate Arch – we love a view we have to work for, and Delicate Arch didn’t disappoint. This is a short 3-mile but strenuous hike up and around to the gem on a cliff. Be careful. Everyone should feel sure-footed and be aware of their surroundings thru the duration of this hike. There are narrow points and canyon edges.
  2. If you like going a little off the beaten path, it’s so worth the 7.5 mile dirt road drive out to Tower Arch Trail and the hike is great way to see most of Arches from one spot.
  3. Family friendly site viewing – most attractions in Arches National Park are surprisingly easy to get to, most within a mile or less. Our favorite kid-friendly trail was Sand Arch – take in a mini slot canyon on this quick .3 mile flat walk that’s perfect for little feet.
  4. Hell’s Revenge - Get your adrenaline ready! At one point, my son likened it to being stuck in the tree in Jurassic Park. There are 4 options - UTV drive yourself or get a guide or Jeep with a guide or eBike (I would opt for the Slick Rock eBike and take the Jeep on Hell's Revenge). We went on a sunset tour and the views were top notch. Brendon was an awesome guide with: Portal Off Road Tours. The ride was adrenaline filled, we saw dinosaur fossils and the sunset was primo.
  5. Canyonlands National Park is rumored to compare to The Grand Canyon. Just 1.5 hours from Arches. We covered a lot of ground a saw several State Parks in addition to every other UT National Park and we're looking forward to seeing Canyonlands on our next trip.
  6. Downtown Moab has several great restaurants ranging from New Age health food to pubs to old school diners. We really enjoyed the menu and atmosphere at Gloria’s Corner Café – great smoothies and a large menu with healthy options. There are also several shops, a few ice cream shops and a Food Truck lot. If you’re looking to stay downtown, the Best Western was in a great location to walk to all of that.
  7. Drive along the Colorado River on 128. It’s a beautiful, winding road alongside the Colorado River.
  8. Cycling/Biking around Moab - The cycling and infrastructure in Moab is extensive and varied. Slickrock is a great spot for a challenging mountain biking experience – or eBike experience. Aand there are several bike rental shops in downtown Moab if bringing your bike isn’t an option.
  9. Camping along Scenic Byway 128. For first-come-first-serviced options right on the river, check out Moab Adventure Center. If you're looking for options with more services, including hookups, I would recommend VisitUtah.com which showcases more family-friendly options from yurts to tent camping and RV spots, some still along the Colorado and Green Rivers.
  10. Moab is a small town, as a matter of fact, we heard that if you're looking for a Walmart of Target, you'll need to drive to Grand Junction. And the vibe is super chill. It's the kind of place that you may visit and not want to leave because it's easy to feel at home there. During our Hell's Revenge tour, all the guides were cheering each other on and watching each other as they maneuvered the stunts. We enjoyed watching them share their love of the great outdoors and off roading in their "backyard".

See the full our full Utah National Park itinerary in the blog: Our Utah National Park Tour

Windows Arches National Park hike

Sand Arch hike Arches National Park

Biking Slick Rock Moab, UT


Hells Revenge Jeep Tour Moab UT

Hells Revenge Sunset Moab UT

Lions Park Biking Trail Moab UT Colorado River

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