How often should I clean my wheel mechanism

Get Your Bike In Shape For That Outdoor Ride

Those who enjoy the great outdoors have found that one of the easiest ways and most fun to do so is from the saddle of a bike. However, getting the most out of the experience means that you will have to have that peace of mind that comes from knowing your bike is going to perform on your next outdoor excursion. Part of making sure that your equipment delivers is to ensure that the bike wheel mechanisms are clean.

Cleaning need not be a time-intensive process – but it requires discipline. it should happen after every ride. Especially if you have been going off the beaten track.

Use a soft spray from a hose to remove mud and debris from the bike wheel mechanisms. Then use hot water and a specialized bike cleaning product or detergent to gently clean the components. An old toothbrush is an ideal tool. Once this process is complete apply degreaser and finally lubricant to all mechanical and moving parts.

Once that is complete you are ready for your next outdoor adventure.

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